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Workplace safety is a serious issue
by Leigh Harris

Safety First at work

The legislative and regulations standards regarding workplace safety are serious requirements set forth to protect the workforce in Australia.

These codes for emergency safety and preparedness are instituted by the Model Work Health and Safety Bill (WHS Act) and enforceable for the standard duty of care in the work place. Non-compliance have serious penalties including but not limited to fines of up to $30,0000.

At Safety Graphics, we specialise in AS3745-2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities and AS 4083 Planning for emergencies – health care facilities to produce fully compliant emergency evacuation diagrams and emergency plans for your site.

Evacuation exercises are required to be held on a regular basis so your workforce is aware of emergency evacuations in the event of an actual emergency and new amendments also service and maintenance safety schedules, exit strategies, and orderly plans for safe evacuations of individuals required by law.

As a business owner, you want to protect the safety of your workers, visitors and tenants as if you would for your own home. It is not just legally required, but it is your duty to adequately maintain your business in the best interest of your workforce and yourself. Compliance evaluations are readily available to assist you.