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Emergency Response Planning

We produce manuals, booklets and guides including Emergency Evacuation Plans.

Fully Compliant Fire Emergency Response and Procedure Plans

Safety Graphics is equipped to create and supply your business with fully compliant Emergency Response and Procedure Plans under regulation 43 of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations.
We deliver practical plans that cover all your bases. There are a number of emergencies that we can plan for, such as fires, medical emergencies, evacuation and the threat of a bomb.

What Is a PCBU?

Any person that conducts a business or undertaking (otherwise known an PCBUs) must make sure that an Emergency Plan is prepared for the workplace. It must also cater to workers that might be working in at a number of different sites. It doesn’t matter if the PCBU is for profit or not for profit.

Why You Need To Prepare a Master Emergency Plan?

In a situation where there are a number of different PCBUs, like in a shared workplace like a shopping centre or construction site, all the PCBUs must collectively coordinate to perform their work health and safety duties to the best of their abilities given the reasonable practical limitations. A Master Emergency Plan can be prepared to eliminate some of the confusion and to make sure that everyone is on the same page. In order to comply with WHS Regulations, it is essential that nothing slips through the gaps.

What are the Emergency Response Plans requirements?

An emergency plan may include practical information for workers such as:

• Internal Emergency Contact Details – This includes the phone numbers of key personnel who have specific roles or responsibilities under the emergency plan like fire wardens, floor wardens and first aid officers.

• External Contact Details – The information of local emergency services, such as the police, the fire brigade and poison information centre.

• Explanation of Alerts – a description of the mechanisms for alerting people at the workplace to an emergency or possible emergency, for example, the siren or bell alarm used in an emergency evacuation.

• Evacuation Procedure – The steps in the evacuation procedure including arrangements for assisting any hearing, vision or people with mobility impairments.

• The Map – The map of the workplace illustrating the location of fire protection equipment, emergency exits, assembly points in the workplace.

• Post-Incident Procedures – The triggers and processes for advising neighbouring businesses about emergencies, and the post-incident follow-up process, for example, notifying the regulator, organising trauma counselling or handling medical treatment. The procedures for testing the emergency plan including the frequency of testing must be included.

Does your business, strata or facility fully comply with WH&S and AS3745:2010?

Emergency Plans are mandatory for all Australian Workplaces and multiple residency buildings. Safety Graphics specialise in providing fully compliant emergency plans to all types of workplaces, strata and facilities throughout Australia.

WH&S Regulations

The Australian Standard for Planning for emergencies in facilities – AS 3745-2010 was developed in 2010 with the objective to “enhance the safety of people in facilities, by providing a framework for emergency planning”. Standards are regularly amended to include more guidance for best practice.


Safety Graphics provides fully compliant and well designed evacuation diagrams for display in common areas of buildings, facilities and worksites.All diagrams are oriented with a “You Are Here” sign to ensure ease of use and basic procedures to enable a fast and effective evacuation.

Cost Effective

You can choose to use our ‘self-markup’ service or we can arrange a site visit by a qualified consultant to carry out a full site survey and mark up the the base floor plans for creation and supply of the final approved diagrams.


Safety Graphics can provide A4 or A3 full colour prints for laminating, brushed aluminium snap-lock frames, all weather alupanel or PDF, DWG soft copy files for all evacuation diagrams.

Evacuation Diagram Sample

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/ Health

/ Schools

/ Aged Care

/ Factories

/ Hotels

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Experienced with all types of buildings and facilities

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Our experts carry out site visits, surveys and installations.

“Safety Graphics were a pleasure to work with and provided fast results for an important safety issue. Thank You Leigh.”
Jarod Gilchrist – Co-Owner

Jarod Gilchrist – Co-Owner

Chapter 1 Early Learning Miranda NSW 2228 – March 2018

“Best looking Evacuation diagram ever was created by Safety Graphics. Also process was so simple and fast. Thank you.”
Jerry Cho – Franchisee

Jerry Cho – Franchisee

Telstra Store Campsie NSW – March 2018

“The process of updating our evacuation plans through various stages of redevelopment was made simple with the guidance and professionalism of Leigh. A quick turnaround time was needed and Safety Graphics exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use Safety Graphics in any future needs and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Steve Brady, Facilities Manager

Steve Brady, Facilities Manager

Merrylands RSL Club (NSW) – February 2017

“We recommend Safety Graphics to anyone that requires expert advice and quality workmanship, their customer service and attention to detail is excellent. Safety Graphics is one of the most cost effective companies on the market.”
Craig Benedick – Senior Safety and Wellbeing Advisor

Craig Benedick – Senior Safety and Wellbeing Advisor

South East Water (VIC) – February 2017