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Green emergency exit sign or fire exit sign showing the way to escape with arrow symbol.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Safety Compliance Group offers supply, installation, and maintenance of Exit Signs and Emergency Lighting to ensure your premises are fully compliant.

Green emergency fire exit sign or fire escape with the doorway or door exit in the building concepts for evacuation in the event of a fire.

What kinds of buildings require Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting?


Both businesses and residential premises require exit signs and emergency lighting. Exit signs and emergency lighting should be installed in any government or commercial building that has employees, is accessed by the general public, or has customers. Multi-residential buildings should also have emergency exits and emergency lighting in their common areas to ensure the safe evacuation of their residents and guests.

Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting Compliance


Having working exit signs & emergency lighting is a requirement for compliance under the Australian Standards AS2293. The standard requires that if there is a power failure of some kind, the exit signs and emergency lighting should remain powered for 90 minutes. This 90 minutes of extra power is supplied by their internal batteries, which is what allows for illumination inside buildings during an emergency where the power to the building is compromised. Even in the day, the loss of the building’s regular lighting can make emergency exits difficult to locate and negatively impact evacuation procedures.

Routine Services & Maintenance


In order to comply with Australian Standards AS2293, a qualified technician should be inspecting and testing the emergency exit signs and lighting regularly. Routine services and maintenance tasks should occur on a 6 monthly, 12 monthly and 10 yearly basis. Some of these maintenance tasks include power drop testing, inspecting for damage or faults, matching replacement parts to compliance specifications, reviewing records to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely manner to avoid non-compliance, as well as cleaning of the exit signs and lights themselves to ensure maximum visibility.

General Requirements for Exit Signs


Emergency exit signs should be installed:

  • Above exit doors
  • At the top of staircases
  • At any change of direction along the egress path

The exact position of the exit signs will be determined by the dimensions and shape of the building to ensure proper visibility for emergency evacuation.

Testing Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting


Every 6 months, exit signs and emergency lighting need to be tested to make sure they will run for the required 90 minutes on their battery. They are tested by recreating a loss of power. During this time, any issues are recorded in the logbook which can be either digital or physical. Proof of repairs to any issues identified is required to maintain compliance. The specifics of the testing conducted depend on existing systems and fittings.

Faulty Exit Sign & Emergency Lighting


There are a number of issues that a technician is looking for when they service and maintain the exit signs and emergency lighting system. One way that a layperson might notice a fault with the exit signs or emergency lighting in a building is through the LED charge indicator. Each exit sign or emergency light comes with a visible LEG light that will be either red or green. If the light is on, it indicates that power is connected to the fitting and that the battery is charging. If the light is off, it means there is either no power to the fitting or that there is a battery charging failure that needs addressing. If you notice that the light is off, this should be immediately reported and repaired.

Does your business, strata or facility fully comply with WH&S and AS3745:2010?

WH&S Regulations

The Australian Standard for Planning for emergencies in facilities – AS 3745-2010 was developed in 2010 with the objective to “enhance the safety of people in facilities, by providing a framework for emergency planning”. Standards are regularly amended to include more guidance for best practice.


Safety Graphics provides fully compliant and well designed evacuation diagrams for display in common areas of buildings, facilities and worksites.All diagrams are oriented with a “You Are Here” sign to ensure ease of use and basic procedures to enable a fast and effective evacuation.

Cost Effective

You can choose to use our ‘self-markup’ service or we can arrange a site visit by a qualified consultant to carry out a full site survey and mark up the the base floor plans for creation and supply of the final approved diagrams.


Safety Graphics can provide A4 or A3 full colour prints for laminating, brushed aluminium snap-lock frames, all weather alupanel or PDF, DWG soft copy files for all evacuation diagrams.

Evacuation Diagram Sample

/ Retail

/ Health

/ Schools

/ Aged Care

/ Factories

/ Hotels

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“Safety Graphics were a pleasure to work with and provided fast results for an important safety issue. Thank You Leigh.”
Jarod Gilchrist – Co-Owner

Jarod Gilchrist – Co-Owner

Chapter 1 Early Learning Miranda NSW 2228 – March 2018

“Best looking Evacuation diagram ever was created by Safety Graphics. Also process was so simple and fast. Thank you.”
Jerry Cho – Franchisee

Jerry Cho – Franchisee

Telstra Store Campsie NSW – March 2018

“The process of updating our evacuation plans through various stages of redevelopment was made simple with the guidance and professionalism of Leigh. A quick turnaround time was needed and Safety Graphics exceeded our expectations. We will continue to use Safety Graphics in any future needs and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Steve Brady, Facilities Manager

Steve Brady, Facilities Manager

Merrylands RSL Club (NSW) – February 2017

“We recommend Safety Graphics to anyone that requires expert advice and quality workmanship, their customer service and attention to detail is excellent. Safety Graphics is one of the most cost effective companies on the market.”
Craig Benedick – Senior Safety and Wellbeing Advisor

Craig Benedick – Senior Safety and Wellbeing Advisor

South East Water (VIC) – February 2017