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Safety Graphics is still open for business
by Leigh Harris

Despite the uncertainty that COVID-19has inflicted on the world, the team at Safety Graphics team are still operating and available to ensure that your organisation is safe and compliant. As our clients and own staff’s personal safety is of the utmost priority importance, we have invested in high-quality PPE, and extensively trained our staff in social distancing practices so that they can continue to assist your workplace without putting themselves or your staff at risk.

With the volatile environment that COVID-19 has created for us all, it can only be assumed that safety-related compliance will be under even more scrutiny once this crisis is over.


With that in mind, can you confidently say that your business is fully compliant to AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities?

If not, let us help you. At Safety Graphics, we specialise in AS3745-2010Planning for emergencies in facilities, AS 4083 Planning for emergencies – health care facilities and Education and Care Services National Regulations (2012) Reg 97 – Emergency and Evacuation Procedures. We are able to produce fully compliant emergency evacuation diagrams and emergency plans for your site. Our team are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services, developing close client relationships founded upon trust and integrity. Our professionalism and expertise have proven to make achieving compliance a pain-free process for our clients.



We already have Evacuation Diagrams and Plans in place. Isn’t that enough to comply?

Ensuring that your Emergency Plans and Evacuation Diagrams are maintained and current can:

  • Reduce the impact of an emergency to your organisation
  • Prevent personal injuries and loss of lives
  • Prevent damage to property
  • Minimise business interruptions to maintain business continuity
  • Potentially protect against legal ramifications pertaining to an emergency occurring at your organisation
  • Help your organisation comply with legislated WHS laws applicable to your state as well as recognise applicable Australian Standards
  • Help your organisation avoid unnecessary fines related to non-compliance in specific industry sectors

The legislative and regulations standards regarding workplace safety are serious requirements set forth to protect the workforce in Australia. These codes for emergency safety and preparedness are instituted by the Model Work Health and Safety Bill (WHS Act) and enforceable for the standard duty of care in the workplace. Non-compliance have serious penalties including but not limited to fines of up to $30,0000.

But what does all of this legislation mean to me as a business owner? Can I be found as negligent if I knowingly do not maintain our emergency procedures, diagrams and plans?

Let us put it this way. In Australia, an emergency warden that is trying to do his or her job, and is acting in good faith is protected in that if they are negligent. It is their employer that would be vicariously liable for that negligence.   The employer may well be liable if their emergency plan fails on the basis that the staff were not properly selected, trained or otherwise capable of performing their duties.  If the warden was acting in bad faith, that is they maliciously do the wrong thing to advance their interest then they would not be protected by vicarious liability.

How do we protect our vulnerable? Not everyone can evacuate themselves?

Yes, that is correct, not everyone can self-evacuate, and they should never be overlooked or neglected in an emergency. Well established and practised Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS’s) are essential in making our workplaces safe for everybody and demonstrate a commitment to improving accessibility.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) are customised documents that provide the

framework for the planning and provision of emergency evacuation of people with a disability. They are bespoke ‘escape plans’ for individuals who may not be able to reach an ultimate place of safety unaided or within an adequate time in the event of any emergency.

PEEPs may be required for occupants with:

  • Mobility impairments
  • Sight impairments
  • Hearing impairments
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Other circumstances

A temporary PEEP may be required for:

  • Short term injuries (i.e. broken leg)
  • Temporary medical conditions
  • Those in the later stages of pregnancy

The underlying question in deciding whether a PEEP is necessary is “can you evacuate the building unaided, promptly, during an emergency?” If the answer is “no”, then it is likely that a PEEP is needed.



Wardens and PEEPs

In the event of an emergency, a warden would generally be assigned to assist mobility-impaired persons. The warden, who will already be familiar with the person’s PEEP, will carry out the procedures in accordance with the PEEP.

General FAQ’s

Can you perform site visits during COVID19? What about the current Lockdown in place?
Yes, we can still conduct a thorough site visit. We at Safety graphics have procedures in place and utilise the above and beyond the required PPE. We also practice safe and methodical social distancing during our site visits.

What else is happening at Safety graphics?
We are continually in the pursuit of creating more efficient and cost-effective ways to engage you as the client. We understand that your time is valuable thus; as a result, we have spent a lot of time developing ‘cheat sheets’ to assist in gathering the required information we need from you to deliver accurate and high-quality site-specific products, requiring a fraction of your time than if you were to undertake this take yourself.

Safety Graphics expert consultants will visit your site and check all equipment, exits and Assembly Areas; alternatively, you can do it yourself with our easy-to-use templates that make the process far more streamlined and time-efficient. We will, of course, help you through each step of the process.

About Us:
Safety Graphics is a business specialising in producing fully compliant evacuation diagrams, emergency plans and guides for clients throughout Australia. We act as wholesale suppliers to fire services companies, property managers and developers as well as dealing directly with individual clients.

All products are compliant with relevant Occupational Health & Safety Regulations (OH&S Regs) including AS3745:2010, AS 4083:2010.

Our team of graphic designers, fire safety advisors and sub-contractors are accredited Fire Safety Advisors or hold equivalent qualifications.